Unconventional Marketing

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or (An Excuse to Use These Awesomely Generic Stock Photos)If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet this week, chances are you’ve seen the official stock photos featuring the stars of the upcoming film “Unfinished Business” that have been released in anticipation of the film which comes out on Friday. A fellow book designer I follow on Twitter ... Read More

Throwback Thursday – Jean-Michel Cousteau on Craig Ferguson

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Almost 3 years ago to the day Jean-Michele Cousteau went on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to talk about the his newest film, “My Father the Captain: Jacques-Yves Cousteau” and his book, Explore the West Coast National Marine Sanctuaries with Jean-Michel Cousteau, the second book in the Explore the National Marine Sanctuaries series. This is a great introduction ... Read More

Don’t Neglect the Author Photo

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I really wish I didn’t feel the need to write this post. I’ve been designing book covers for over ten years, mostly for self-published authors, and this is an issue that I come across more consistently than anything else. It’s something that you would think would be obvious to most people but more often than not is overlooked by the ... Read More